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ray Class Reference

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class  Group
class  Hit
class  Ray
class  Scene
class  Sphere
struct  Vec

Static Public Member Functions

static void Main (String[] args)

Static Private Member Functions

static Vec add (Vec a, Vec b)
static Scene create (int level, Vec c, double r)
static double dot (Vec a, Vec b)
static double ray_trace (Vec light, Ray ray, Scene scene)
static void run (int n, int level, int ss)
static Vec scale (double s, Vec a)
static Vec sub (Vec a, Vec b)
static Vec unitise (Vec a)

Private Attributes

static double infinity = double.PositiveInfinity

Static Private Attributes

static double delta = 1.49011611938476562e-08

Detailed Description

Definition at line 4 of file ray-cs.cs.

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